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Pilots: 319
Total Schedules: 494
Total Flights: 14382
Total flights Hours: 56208
Flights Today: 5
Current Flights: 1
Flights this Month: 5
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Tom Golan


Our Latest Pilots

Mitchell Simmonds
Joined on 29/06/2016
Yuval Abramzon
Joined on 17/06/2016
Vincent Dobrowolski
Joined on 15/06/2016
Roy Weinstock
Joined on 03/06/2016



About Us

Welcome to EL AL Virtual, We are a virtual airline replicating the real world operations of Israeli flag carrier EL AL.
Using Flight Simulation software we offer our members the complete real world and up-to-date schedule of EL AL and its fleet.
Using the Boeing aircrafts (737, 767, 777 and 747) we fly to every destination that is served by EL AL including an extensive European network as well as worldwide destinations in North America, Asia and Africa.
As a virtual airline we aspire for "as real as it gets" which offers our pilots realistic dispatching and accurate flight procedures along with fleet-wide support on our forum.

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Current Flights

Upcoming Departures

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There are no upcoming departures right now.

Recent Flights

Pilot Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Landing Rate
Ittai Arnon LY 081 Tel Aviv (LLBG/TLV) Bangkok (VTBS/BKK) 10.55 Hours -220
Jason Hewitt LY 551 Tel Aviv (LLBG/TLV) Sofia (LBSF/SOF) 02.05 Hours -153
Avi Cohen LY 386 Rome (LIRF/FCO) Tel Aviv (LLBG/TLV) 03.31 Hours -211
Tomer Israel LY 384 Rome (LIRF/FCO) Tel Aviv (LLBG/TLV) 03.15 Hours -228
Yoav Babnik LY 075 Tel Aviv (LLBG/TLV) Hong Kong (VHHH/HKG) 09.38 Hours -374

Pilots of the Month

Pilot Flights Flown Miles Flown Total Points
Yoav Babnik 1 4176 9.63333
Avi Cohen 1 1231 5.275
Tomer Israel 1 1231 4.875
Jason Hewitt 1 843 4.16667
Liav Ezra 1 147 1.36667