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Pilots: 165
Flights: 5748
Flights Today: 1
Hours: 24424
Schedules: 370
Pending Applications: 0
Total Aircraft: 70
Total Passengers Carried: 29419593
Registrations Status: OPEN

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US Elad Levy
Joined on 21 Nov 2014
IL Idan Sadi
Joined on 06 Nov 2014
IL Tomer Salomon
Joined on 31 Oct 2014
CY Vladimiros Tziortzis
Joined on 28 Oct 2014
IL Gabriel Gomberg
Joined on 24 Oct 2014



Welcome to ELAL Virtual...

Welcome to EL AL Virtual. We are a virtual airline replicating the real world operations of Israeli flag carrier EL AL. Using Flight Simulation software we offer our members the complete real world and up-to-date schedule of EL AL and its fleet. Using the Boeing aircrafts (737, 767, 777 and 747) we fly to every destination that is served by EL AL including an extensive European network as well as worldwide destinations in North America, Asia and Africa. As a virtual airline we aspire for "as real as it gets" which offers our pilots realistic dispatching and accurate flight procedures along with fleet-wide support on our forum. We are a group of enthusiats, we are not affiliated in any way with the real EL AL Israel Airline, if you are looking for the real EL AL airline please visit elal.co.il

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There are no current flights in progress.

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Recent EL AL Flights...

Pilot Flight NO Departure Arrival Duration Landing Rate Status
ELY326 - Vlad Rigenco ELY311 LLBG EGGW 05.03.11 -293
ELY52 - Liav Ezra ELY2431 LLBG LCLK 01.09.50 -185
ELY9 - Elai Bachar ELY2432 LCLK LLBG 01.14.50 -217
ELY9 - Elai Bachar ELY2431 LLBG LCLK 01.30.05 -115
ELY377 - Yogev Bar Shavit ELY006 KLAX LLBG 14.41.22 -160

Top Pilots of the Month ...

PilotFlights FlownHours Flown
ELY9 - Elai Bachar 24 95
ELY289 - Roni Milzev 16 68
ELY260 - Jason Hewitt 15 44
ELY295 - Itay Gross 15 32
ELY111 - Naor Mizrahi 14 26